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Want your security camera installed by a pro? Call us for a free estimate.  Install includes setup and demonstration of product.  We can install most store bought products where you like and suggest the best places to put them.  Don't know which one to choose? Call us and we can suggest a system.


Having a CCTV system installed into your home is a fairly surefire way of ensuring your home and possessions are kept safe. Acting as a deterrent from criminal and suspicious activities, homes with full CCTV systems are much less likely to be broken into, vandalized or targeted in any way than those without. There are many keys to having a great CCTV system in place however the cost and effort is well worth it. The best way to have your CCTV system installed is to get professional help in. These guys know what they’re doing, they know where to put the cameras, how to instal them and what is best for your home and yourself. If you’re unsure of anything then getting professional help means that your cameras will be installed properly and will be fully functioning. There’s no point of having a CCTV security system in the home if it isn’t actually going to work!    

Wireless CCTV systems are increasingly popular as not only do they allow you to record what happens in your home but they also give you live footage directly to your phone. You can set up alerts so that if there is movement within your home you will be notified and you can instantly see what is happening in your house. This is such a popular feature as itallows you to see if someone is in your house and call the police straight away. They are also very popular with parents and those with pets as you can check up on them evenwhen you are out of the house! When you’re installing your security cameras then you will want to make sure you are covering as many rooms in your home that you deem important. If you keep your valuables in your bedroom then put CCTV in there are it will add a level of safety to those items. Similarly, you want to make sure that as much of the room as possible is covered and so placing the individual cameras in the top corner and looking down onto the room will be better than on a bookshelf where the view is obscured.       

Don’t forget that when you are talking about CCTV you are more interested in where someone’s head will be rather than where they walk. Covering the floor is very well and good but if you have someone walking round the edges of the room then are you likely to get their face in shot? When you’re installing cameras make sure you are constantly checking where they are pointing by walking through your home too. CCTV security systems are becoming increasingly popular for use in the home as prices come down and resolution increases. They are a great way to protect your home, family and goods as well as giving you peace of mind when you’re at work, on holiday or just nipping to the cinema for the evening. With such a variety of CCTV systems on offer you should seek professional help when it comes to installation as they will help cover as much of your home as possible and save you a few extra bucks.

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