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Need a solution to declutter and bring life to your room? Here is how.  Selecting a new flat screen television is easy, but once you get it home you need to be sure it is installed correctly. CS TV Mounting provides TV installation and TV wall mount services for flat screen televisions in the entire Monroe County.


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Home Automation

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You have reached the correct page if your are looking for any one of the following services including but not limited to; TV Mounting & Installation, Home Theater, CCTV, Security Cameras, Home Automation and Art Installation.  The service areas were carefully selected and aligned with the goals of Campbell Services.   

Our name and brand is important to us and we plan to be a big part of the Greater Rochester Area and Community.  As you navigate our site we hope you can have more ideas on what you would like to do in you space with our services.  You may also book an in home or phone consultation so we can help guide you with your next project.   


"Campbell services Called promptly to schedule and arrive on time for the appointment. They did a very professional job with the installation and placed it right where I wanted it. I payed a very reasonable price for them to come with a mount kit."




Having your TV wall mounted is a really sleek and stylish way to tidy up a room. Not only does it leave you with more floor space but it looks great and is much safer if you have young children or pets wandering around. The way TVs keep on getting big to suit our growing need for truly experiencing film and TV means it’s becoming more and more difficult to find TV stands that really do the job. Wall mounting your TV is a quick and easy solution to this and will bring your room to life. Installing the mount for a TV is often the easiest part of the entire process however it is absolutely key to get this right. 

The last thing you need is to install the mount incorrectly and end up destroying your wall and TV in one fell swoop. Getting the right mount for your TV is imperative and the biggest thing to keep an eye on is the weight that the mount can cope with. Even if all the holes line up directly if the mount isn’t strong enough then it will just end in disaster. When you’re installing the TV mount yourself you’ll need a few items. A drill, tape measure, spirit level and pencil will all play important parts of putting the mount onto the wall and gathering them together before you start will make it much easier to mount the TV. Once you have installed the mount by following the instructions you will be free to attach your TV and enjoy the effects it leaves on how tidy your room looks.    When you’re installing the TV mount yourself then chances are you will end up doing a basic job which will make the room much tidier but won’t be as polished as what a professional can offer. One of the biggest problems with mounted TVs is what to do with all the wires, especially if you have games consoles and other things plugged into it. Professionals have come up with many ways to keep these wires tidy and complete the minimalistic look. Whether you choose to simply tidy the wires up with cable ties or go the whole hog with wiring your tv and other items through the walls, you will leave with a room that is much more spacious, welcoming and open. 

The more elaborate the system for tidying the wires up, the more likely you are to need help from a professional who will not only know the best methods of installation but will be able to save you time, money and stress in the long run. Wall mounting your TV is a beautiful and simple way to make your room look much tidier. A safer environment for young children and pets while giving the overall feel of a room that is clean and safe, you won’t regret it once you see how sleek and elegant your room looks afterwards. Read more.




When you’re trying to protect your home as best possible one of the things we often consider is whether to go down the route of using CCTV or not. 

A CCTV system can be a big commitment and so being 100% certain before you get started is absolutely key. Not only do you need to think about whether to invest in such a big home security system but you’ll need to figure out where the best places for your system to be fitted and what kind of system would work best for you.  

One of the biggest questions when installing CCTV is do you install cameras just inside or both inside and outside. It might seem like a no brainer but if you are aiming to protect the good inside your home then what difference will a camera or two make on the outside of your home. Well, research indicates that homes that have cameras displayed openly on the outside of the building are less likely to be broken into in the first place. Acting as a strong deterrent against thieves and vandals, cameras that are located on the outside of your building give you protection before you’ve even powered them up! When you’re looking at where to install your cameras then the best tip we can offer is to get someone to help you out. Before you start drilling holes into your walls you’ll want to check that it’s exactly the right spot. With one person holding the camera in place the other person can walk around and you can review the footage making sure you’ve covered the parts of the room most important to you. Too often people will point a camera more directly towards the floor as that is how our brains think when in actual fact you want to be covering the space that people’s faces will be when they walk around. 

One thing that many people don’t think about when they’re installing their CCTV cameras is checking the surface they’re being drilled into. If you have found the perfect position but it means drilling into cement or brick this is fine, however you will need to pick up some mason anchors that will give your CCTV the stability it deserves.  Installing CCTV isn’t the most difficult thing in the world however getting the quality up to scratch is the real challenge. 

Having a professional come in and install the system will not only save you time and effort but also means you are being left with a top quality product that will keep paying back for years to come. As professionals are able to give advice on where best to install the cameras and will keep an eye out for things that wouldn’t even cross your mind, it is money well spent. Whether you decide to go it alone or bring in outside help, you’re sure to make your home much safer and you’ll be able to sleep easier at night. Read more.


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